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I am looking to find at least 15-20 CRNA in the Orlando or Tampa area to give us feedback on a new product so I am reaching out to the hive for help. This should only take about 2 hours of time!

Please forward this to any CRNA colleague who works in the Tampa or Orlando Florida area as this feedback will greatly help the MRI community in the long run.

Think of this as a new product focus group where you will be shown some concepts, get your hands on some prototypes and then you will be able to provide input into the design.

I’ll be collecting feedback on our new Medical Device during these times:
• Tampa Florida at USF CAMLS Center:
• March 8th – 13th (Includes Weekends)
• Celebration (Orlando) Florida at the AdventHealth Nicholson Center:
• March 15th – April 5th (Weekdays only)

In exchange for your time and input, we are offering the following for any CRNA participation:
- $200 Gift Card
- $50 Gas Card
- Lunch / Snacks
- Parking Vouchers

To enroll use either of the following links. For any special considerations please email me directly and I’ll try to make it work.

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FYI- IRadimed is a Florida medical device manufacture who makes the only Non-Magnetic MRI Patient Monitor, non-magnetic IV Infusion Pump and an innovative Ferromagnetic Detector that addresses FMD alarm fatigue. We are heavily focused on MRI safety and patient care and these focus groups go a long way in helping advance our community.

Kevin Jirka
Director of Product Marketing

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  • New Product Focus Group Session
  • 2 Hours Only
  • Tampa and Orlando Markets in March, 2024

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