Colville, WA - WILL LICENSE - 5 10s optional! - $230/hr

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Start Date: Oct 2, 2023 but flexible on this
Contract Length: 3 or 6 months
Schedule: Monday – Friday with 2 nights call. Shifts are 10’s with day off after call and every 4th weekend call - CAN DO 5 10s IF DESIRED!
All Cases performed at facility General , Spinal, Epi, Regional, OB, Pain mgmt. techniques, central line placement, arterial line placement, etc. - can omit cases if needed
Credentialing Timeframe: 90 days
Rate: $$$ Please reach out for rate!

Please feel free to call text or email me if you have any interest!

Katie Sayler,
Sr. Recruiting Consultant
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  • Medical Malpractice covered
  • Full Time or Part Time
  • Travel and Lodging covered

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