CRNA Salary Report

What is the average salary of a Nurse Anesthetist? undertook its Annual Salary and Employment Survey during August and September of 2022. The survey participants encompass physicians and advanced practice providers engaged in locum tenens work, as well as those holding permanent positions. The compensation findings exclusively focus on full-time, permanent employees and take into account their annual salary and bonuses.

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Average CRNA Salary in 2022


How does this year's salary for CRNAs compare to other years?

The average CRNA salary has steadily been increasing in recent years, and despite the pandemic, CRNA salary continued to increase, unlike anesthesiologists who reported a decreased salary in 2020. However, more than a third (36%) stated their salary decreased last year due to the pandemic and 37% said they were laid off or furloughed in 2020.

To get more detailed insights into CRNA trends, view the full salary report at, which drills down into data points such as work setting, region, years in practice, employment status and clinician age.